Mellow Sheng

Food Session

Food session with Mellow Sheng is a pop-up event where we strive to bring a unique gastronomical experience in the 3D printed L'Ex-Designer Project Bar  in Barcelona. 

Sometimes traditional, sometimes experimental, it is a playground for us and our collaborators. Always with natural processes as our essence. 

27/06/2019 - Summer edition

Past sessions:
24/04/2019 - Grilled miso tofu taco + spicy berry sauce & pickled daikon with Dos Papayas
14/02/2019 - Golden dumplings
19/12/2018 - Fermented sweet rice wine with sesame balls 
21/11/2018 - Pintxo ika ichiyaboshi & Kimchi Bloody Mary with Alberto Pizarro
15/06/2017 - Kimchi grilled cheese with shitake and kombucha sourdough bread & Mango shaved ice with matcha amazake jelly 

*Poster design: Angel Sanz Correa

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